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Isodam with 2021 Top Product Award
Dental Advisor Non- Latex Award 2021 Small
Dental Advisor Article_ small
Isodam_1 Isodam with 2021 Top Product Award Dental Advisor Non- Latex Award 2021 Small isodam_B3_web isodam_B2_web Dental Advisor Article_ small
  • Award winning premium Dental Dam
  • Dental Advisor’s top non-latex dental dam for 2021
  • Health Canada, CE and FDA approved
  • Polyisoprene (Latex Free) ISODAM ™ material
  • 125mm (5” x 5”) and 150mm (6” x 6”) sizes available
  • Medium or Heavy duty thicknesses
  • Specially designed for patient comfort

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Product description

With a calibre of experience in producing dental dams for leading dentistry institutions, Four D have developed the most advanced dental dam on the market;  ISODAM™

ISODAM™ Primary function is to isolate specific areas of the mouth during procedures, reduce the risk of infection and provide comfort to the patient.

The ISODAM™ is particularly sought after due to its allergy protection characteristics and superb physical properties. ISODAM™ can be specified in two thicknesses (medium and heavy) and is typically supplied in 125mm or 150mm squares.

Four D Manufacturing

Four D have  been recognised as the best dental dam supplier in North America due to the premium quality of the product.  Four D’s dental dam is recognised worldwide as being the leader in patient comfort due to our premium materials allowing thinner gauges to be used.

ISODAM™ is manufactured in the UK to very exacting standards and makes use of a synthetic form of natural rubber to give the best possible physical properties with no proteins or risk of allergic reactions.

Global Recognition and Branding

ISODAM ™ is a globally recognised brand produced by Four D Rubber. ISODAM™ is practically popular in North America however it is also distributed worldwide by a small number of leading industry organisations. ISODAM™ has also been awarded the top non-latex dental dam for 2021 by Dental Advisor : Dental Advisor Non-Latex Dental Dam Report

If you are interested in stocking ISODAM™ please get in touch and we can point you to your national distributor.

ISO 9001. 2015 and ISO 13485. 2016 accredited




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4D Technology


4D Technology

  • 800% stretch potential before product starts to deform
  • Strong lattice molecular structure ensuring high tensile strength
  • High quality surface finish
  • Highly malleable allowing precise thickness control

The 4D Badge

The Four D technology badge is a stamp of manufactured excellence as it represents our utilisation of the best natural ingredients, innovative processes and superior quality material characteristics.

At Four D we have complete, in house control over all key steps, from rubber formulation through to manufacture, finishing and presentation. We use unique, proprietary technology at every stage. This ensures that the inherent properties of latex are preserved and enhanced, and all our sheeting and products are made to the highest standards.