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Waffle Webs

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Waffle web

Wffleweb_C_web_250x250_acf_cropped_250x250_acf_cropped Wffleweb_b3_web Wffleweb_b1_web
  • Ergonomically designed for hand therapy
  • Ideal for finger rehabilitation and strengthening
  • Multiple colours available
  • Available in 14” or 7 “ sizes
  • Custom Branding available
  • High elasticity natural rubber
  • Different resistances available


Product Description

Catered to those who aim to strengthen their finger movement, through increased resistive exercise. Excellent for the treatment of repetitive strain and other injuries.

The unique shape of the waffle web is designed to fit the user’s fingers between the holes, for them to then manoeuvre the web into different shapes, hence building strength though the repetitive finger movement.

Technical Details

The waffle web is particularly suited to individuals who may have injured their fingers, and are rebuilding their strength or have perhaps lost use of finger movement through illness. It can be invaluable in the treatment of repetitive strain injuries and is also popular with sportsmen and women and musicians.

We can supply waffle web in the following colours:  Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, and Black. The Waffle web also comes in sizes of 14” and 7”.

Four D Manufacturing

The unique manufacturing approach we have perfected over the years has allowed us to test our rubber products to the max. We have discovered that because of our unique approach to rubber production, our latest rubber products offer exceptionally high strength and elasticity.  This is ideal for products in the health and fitness industry.

Allowing for high stretch potential means that we can offer a variety of thicknesses with increased resistive capabilities; perfect for resistive training. The recovery and durability of our design ensures that the latex tubing keeps their shape, strength and consistency over many repetitions.

Recognising & Branding

More and more of our customers see the benefits in own branding their products and Four D hence offer a number of options in regards to our standard or bespoke waffle webs. We offer plain waffle webs for the buyer to brand themselves, or we will brand the waffle web to your own design and requirements as requested.   This can be further enhanced by customers designing artwork for printing their specific branding on the boxes that the individual webs are packaged in.

Four D’s waffle webs are used across a wide range of exercise, therapy and rehabilitation establishments worldwide.

ISO 9001. 2015 and ISO 13485. 2016 accredited



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4D Technology


4D Technology

  • 800% stretch potential before product starts to deform
  • Strong lattice molecular structure ensuring high tensile strength
  • High quality surface finish
  • Highly malleable allowing precise thickness control

The 4D Badge

The Four D technology badge is a stamp of manufactured excellence as it represents our utilisation of the best natural ingredients, innovative processes and superior quality material characteristics.

At Four D we have complete, in house control over all key steps, from rubber formulation through to manufacture, finishing and presentation. We use unique, proprietary technology at every stage. This ensures that the inherent properties of latex are preserved and enhanced, and all our sheeting and products are made to the highest standards.