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4D Technology

Four D Technology

Our unique technology for formulating rubber compounds and producing rubber sheet is a key part of what makes us stand out as an exceptionally high quality rubber manufacturer. Our advanced technology draws on 50 years of experience and countless applications. At the same time, our rubber continuously developing and improving thanks to our dedicated team of rubber experts.

There are many facets to our rubber technology but some of the key components are outlined below. Each element is key and together they are the reason why Four D is the preferred partner for so many of the leading companies in each sector.

Rubber Formulations and Materials Knowledge

At the core of our know how is an unique understanding and experience of working with latex in both its natural and synthetic forms. The physical properties of latex which make it such an invaluable material also make it very difficult to work with. Most companies make life easier by using dry rubber compound as a raw material but in doing so they lose much of the inherent strength of the latex. However, at Four D we only use latex in its natural, liquid form and as a result, our latex sheet and products have outstanding physical properties such as tear strength, elongation and modulus of elasticity.

We are also aware at Four D that not all applications and environments are suitable for natural latex. In order to offer a full range of solutions we are at the forefront of alternate uses  for natural latex. These include an exclusive non-sensitising version of natural rubber and specially formulated synthetic latex with the same molecular structure as natural latex. These base materials can be matched to the specific requirements of each application. At all times, we select the highest grades of polymer and always look to buy from renewable and sustainable sources. With a location in a Sri Lanka, we can support local rubber growers and minimise our carbon footprint by reducing transportation of liquid latex.

Our rubber materials knowledge goes far beyond the base polymers to a vast array of different formulations to optimise the characteristics of the product for many different end uses and environments. In some cases this may be tear strength or elongation, in others surface finish or heat resistance. For our medical and rehabilitation related applications we evidently adhere to FDA standards. This is in addition to a huge range of pigments to provide more than 60 colours and surface effects that are safe and robust in their working environments.

Rubber Manufacturing Process

Our rubber manufacturing processes used in plants in the UK and Sri Lanka are both bespoke and unique. With over 50 years of continuous development, our ability to produce close tolerance sheet down to 0.1mm thick in unlimited lengths and 4 metre widths is unmatched anywhere in the world. Our proprietary “wet process” results in industry leading physical properties and the ability to produce smooth or textured finishes.  Every aspect of the process has been engineered and fine-tuned over the years, resulting in the best rubber quality and consistency. We pride ourselves on our efforts constantly investing in our people, equipment and systems to maintain our leading position.

Our Latex sheets can be finished in a multitude of ways, from carefully controlled medical product lines through printing, slitting or punching.

Highly Accredited and Approved

As Four D products are heavily utilised in the medical and food industry our rubber manufacturing process is regularly assessed. This means that all relevant Four D products are manufactured to FDA standards. In addition, both our production sites have ISO accreditation and make use of modern manufacturing techniques such as lean, continuous improvement and 5S.

Our bespoke technological equipment allows us to extend on our range of 60 plus staple rubber colouring options, with capabilities to control specific shades of colour which can be easily printed on.

Our proven industry-leading rubber technology is used by leading medical institutions and sporting establishments worldwide. Working closely with our customers we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to enhance our products and technology.

Our Technological Structure

Rubber & Materials Technology

  • Our unique manufacturing process is designed to get the most out of the natural and synthetic materials we use
  • Leaving us the highest quality rubber products on the market

Proprietary in House Manufacturing

  • Custom state of the art machinery
  • Experienced staff ensures a truly lean manufacturing process

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

  • Dedicated research and development department is always looking to inspire and innovate
  • Pushing 4D technology into leading rubber production

Quality Control & Approvals

  • Strict adherence to ISO Manufacturing Guidelines
  • FDA Approved
  • Dedicated Quality and Technical department

The 4D Badge

The Four D technology badge is a stamp of manufactured excellence as it represents our utilisation of the best natural ingredients, innovative processes and superior quality material characteristics.

At Four D we have complete, in house control over all key steps, from rubber formulation through to manufacture, finishing and presentation. We use unique, proprietary technology at every stage. This ensures that the inherent properties of latex are preserved and enhanced, and all our sheeting and products are made to the highest standards.


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