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Market leading Manufacturers of Natural Rubber Latex & Synthetic Products

Four D is a worldwide, market leading rubber manufacturer of natural and synthetic precision latex sheeting.

Our success is built on more than 50 years of delivering outstanding service and high quality products to our customers. Our rubber manufacturing technology is unique which enables us to produce the industry leading thin latex sheet. Working with our partners and customers, we are constantly looking to innovate and improve our offering. As a result, we offer start to finish support from product development to customer branded printing and packaging.

What are our products & where can they be found

Four D rubber is used across a variety of industrial sectors including medical, exercise, sheeting and fashion. The core sheet material is used in product applications such as dental dams, exercise bands, food processing equipment  as well as clothing. We have also developed a number of additional polymer based product lines from tubing to moulded products and exercise putty.

As industry leaders, we understand the importance of supplying high quality, consistent and reliable rubber products.

Our well established production bases in the UK and Sri Lanka hosts teams of dedicated professionals. The specialist experience our employees have accrued over many years ensures our products remain the very best in quality.

We are immensely proud in the way our staff hold the upmost professionalism day to day.

Our team locations

The Four D team is divided between our UK base in Derbyshire and our base near Colombo in Sri Lanka.  Both locations dutifully adhere to our impeccably high standards. We place enormous emphasis on product development, and each location boasts specific advantages.  The UK head office is strategically placed in a strong industrial and technological region with good transport links. The Sri Lankan operation , whilst operated to expected international standards, benefits from a highly skilled workforce in a low cost environment with access to locally grown fresh latex and extensive rubber expertise.

Our international presence and customer focused approach, ensures we are ideally suited to support a growing customer and distributor network around the world.

Manfacturing Excellence

Both of the Four D locations employ lean manufacturing practices, vigorous quality control and inspection procedures and are ISO 9001. 2008 and ISO 13485. 2003 certified and FDA registered.

Worldwide Presence

The quality and versatility of our products has made Four D a global leader in our chosen segments. Around the world we partner with leading medical, fitness and rehabilitation organisations delivering the best solutions for end users.

Our Partner Offering

The approach of Four D is to partner with organisations who have the knowledge and presence in local markets to offer end users the best service. Partners and distributors may offer Four D branded products or we will develop specific products for their requirements.

We look to develop long term relationships with our distributors and partners. We are proud to offer a completely structured service for our network. We accomplish this by responsive service, bespoke development, inventory and logistics support and advice on all packaging and branding queries. For private label partners this is a complete service with products printed and packaged ready to sell.

Meet the Team

Richard Gogerty

CEO Four D Rubber


Richard Gogerty has been one of the leading players in the UK and international specialist rubber industry for over 20 years. During this time he has worked at CEO level within both an established international rubber division of a FTSE 100 company and his own specialist rubber business that he grew to be the leading UK based private specialist rubber group.

After spending a number of years as a non-executive director and consultant for many of the prominent organisations in the sector he became CEO of 4D Rubber in 2014. He is a former Chairman of the British Rubber and Polyurethane Products Association.

Lauren Evans, Joseph Lewis, Belinda Constantine

Sales and Marketing


The Four D sales & marketing division is headed up by a team of three. As pictured above:

Lauren Evans is our primary contact for all our daily sales orders and customer enquiries. With a degree in business and languages, Lauren also has a firm grasp in dealing with our international export customers.

Joe's responsibilities span from developing new business relations to marketing and project development. Joe's background in health and fitness industry gives him the perfect positioning to look after 4D's fitness and medical products.

Belinda has been with 4D for 5 years. She has a wealth of experience in most sales activities, however her primary focus is dealing with customer accounts, billing and general office administration.

The sales & marketing team welcome your enquiries on the 4D range of products and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our range.

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4D Technology


4D Technology

  • 800% stretch potential before product starts to deform
  • Strong lattice molecular structure ensuring high tensile strength
  • High quality surface finish
  • Highly malleable allowing precise thickness control

The 4D Badge

The Four D technology badge is a stamp of manufactured excellence as it represents our utilisation of the best natural ingredients, innovative processes and superior quality material characteristics.

At Four D we have complete, in house control over all key steps, from rubber formulation through to manufacture, finishing and presentation. We use unique, proprietary technology at every stage. This ensures that the inherent properties of latex are preserved and enhanced, and all our sheeting and products are made to the highest standards.